Penalty point system comes into effect in Hyderabad from today

In a new paradigm in traffic control measures, the Hyderabad Traffic Police have introduced penalty point system in which each instance of violation will attract certain number of points. If the accumulated points exceeds a threshold strict action would be taken against the violators. The actions would range from suspension of licence for one year to imprisonment. For example, if a driver having a valid license accumulates twelve points in 24 months his license would be cancelled for one year from the date of accumulation of 12 points. The system will be effective in Hyderabad Police Commissionerates.

This is first of it’s kind in the country and has been introduced to bring self-discipline among the drivers. Also this unique concept punishes the drivers where as the previous system punishes the owner of the vehicle. One can also remove some of the points by undergoing training and and safety program from any of the Institutes recognized by Transport Department of Telangana. Here is a gist of the violations and their corresponding penalty points.


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