Pokemon Go servers hacked

OurMine, a hacker group has claimed that it has hacked the popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go. It has asked the Pokemon Go team to contact to resolve the issue and they wouldn’t stop the attack until they do so. OurMine has said they’re doing to these attacks to advocate better security and promote their own security products. OurMine team used the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) technique to bring down the server. DDoS is popular hacking technique in the hacking world in which a server is flooded with too much traffic such that the legitimate users cannot access the website/app.

Previously OurMine has hacked the twitter accounts of several celebrities and tech leaders including Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The hacking attack on Pokemon go coincides with the the app’s launch in other countries. Pokemon go is now available in 26 countries. So some experts believe the server outage is due to the large number of people trying to access the application.

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